Using Covered Calls for Income Generation

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Covered Call and similar strategies are great to use in conjunction with your share portfolio.

They are like an in-between “trading” and “investing”, and are great for investors who want to be more active in their share portfolio management.

They provide the ability to increase the yield on portfolios, generate additional income, insure stock, and accumulate stock at cheaper prices.

This course is designed to fast-track your knowledge by focusing on a practical approach to Covered Call type strategies. The desired outcome is feeling both competent and comfortable with our guidelines and using them to implement Covered Call type strategies in your own portfolio.

Great News!

We have given you month of complimentary membership to Emerald Equities. This is a great resource to help you both learn and implement the strategies you will be focusing on as you go through this course.

The membership is typically $82.50 + GST but this month is on us! Some of the great features are:

  • Stock Scoring and screening
  • Broker consensus
  • Weekly trading webinars with Sam Green
  • Company financial data

Core Lessons and Topics

Each Lesson below has several Topics in it that cover a core aspect of the subject being taught.

The Core Lessons are:

  1. Options Introduction
    • In this section you will learn how Options work and how they are priced.
  2. Technical Analysis
    • Technical Analysis is one common method for direction picking. It focuses on reading charts and indicators to better time your entry into Covered Call type strategies.
  3. Fundamental Analysis
    • Fundamental Analysis is the other common method of direction picking. It looks at the health of a company and how cheap or expensive it is compared to its competitors.
  4. Covered Call type Strategies
    • Both the Covered Call and the Buy-Write strategy are taught in this section. We will show you how the strategy works and when to implement it.
  5. Covered Put Strategy
    • Covered Puts are great for stock accumulation. In this section we explain how this strategy works and when to implement it.
  6. Guidelines
    • Guidelines provide a framework for all the previous sections. This section will bring together the entire course and run through examples of implementing from start to finish Covered Call type strategies.
  7. Transacting the Live Market
    • To finish, the section showcases how to implement the strategies using the Emerald Equity platform. If you are trading through a different platform, much of this information should be translatable.