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Course Overview:

If you’re new to the world of investing or trading, the terms being used by news outlets or market commentary firms can seem like an overwhelmingly difficult new language. 

Congratulations on taking a meaningful step towards achieving your trading goals!

This course is designed to fast track your knowledge and equip you with the practical skills needed to be a successful trader.

The focus of this course is a structured and practical approach to learning the foundations, underpinned by second-to-none support.

The foundations of every successful trader can largely be boiled down to three key areas:

Picking direction

This course’s focus is on Technical Analysis which can be applied to virtually any market in the world. It’s about reading past price action to predict future price movement. Basically, it’s about reading charts and indicators. 

Technical Analysis is far better for picking the short term direction than its counterpart, Fundamental Analysis, which is typically used for medium to longer term speculation.


In this course we will teach you a few different strategies that are suitable for short to medium term trading. These strategies will show you how to profit from both bullish and bearish markets and how to utilise leverage so that you can use less capital and diversify your portfolio.

Risk and money management

The final piece of the puzzle is about managing your positions and capital. Not every trade will be successful. Risk and capital management is about mitigating the damage from losing trades and preserving your trading bank.


These pillars are applied through a set of trading rules which help provide a framework to your learning. With this set of trading rules, you will be able to quickly filter through stocks on our market to find trading opportunities. Simply put, you would likely trade stocks that fit all the rules, and avoid stocks that don’t.

Having a structured approach to your trading will help relieve the emotional stress of risking money on the market. It will also help simplify your decision making whilst making it more time efficient.

Over time, as you gain experience, we expect you to evolve these rules to suit your own personal style of trading, and more importantly, your own risk tolerance. In the beginning though, we strongly recommend you follow the rules we teach.

Carlo Castellano

The rules we teach you are the exact rules used by the co-founder of TradersCircle and your teacher, Carlo Castelanno.

Carlo has been teaching and trading for over 25 years. He has taught locally and internationally, and is regarded as one of the best teachers on trading in Australia. Not only will you be learning from a highly successful trader, but also a fantastic teacher who can translate complex topics into easy to understand and digestible content.

Two Day Live Workshop

You will be learning directly from Carlo during a live two day workshop over a weekend in the near future. This is typically done face-to-face in our boardroom, but can be done via live stream online – whatever works best for you.

The two day weekend workshop does much of the leg work for you. It allows you to hit the ground running and get your questions answered on the fly as you learn these new concepts.

During the two day workshop, Carlo will teach you:

  • How to pick direction using technical analysis, 
  • Utilise various trading strategies for different market conditions, 
  • Manage your trade and capital risk effectively.

These core pillars are taught in the form of Carlo’s exact trading rules so that you can filter stock through them and find ideal trades.

During the two day workshop you will be given a manual to follow along Carlo’s teachings and make notes.


Following the two day weekend workshop you have your own personal trainer/mentor, each of which have many years experience in both trading and teaching.

If you haven’t spoken with them yet, they will be in contact with you soon to introduce themselves and reinforce how they will be helping you during your learning journey. Of course you are welcome to call 03 8080 5788 and beat them to it!

This is a 2-month boot camp, and you are likely going to need plenty of help and support as you take in new concepts, apply them in the live market, and gain experience. 

Our goal is to turn you into a successful trader, and the best way of increasing your chances to achieve your trading goals is by giving you as much support as you need.

You can call or email your mentor as much as you please and we recommend that you stay in regular contact with them. We often find that students who utilise the support and resources on a regular basis are the ones that go on to be successful.

Online Learning

Aside from your mentor, there are a plethora of resources to reinforce what you learn during the two day weekend workshop.

Let’s have a closer look at the structure:

Pre Face-to-Face Learning

Pre face-to-face learning covers very broadly some of the main concepts taught during the course. The topics covered are: Australian market basics; what it takes to be a successful trader; technical analysis.

It is not necessary that you complete, or even look at the pre-learning. It is a great way to get a head start prior to joining the two day weekend workshop, but considering that many students have busy lives as they start their trading journey, we have not made it a requirement.

Training Videos

We don’t expect you to remember everything taught in the two day weekend workshop, so we have provided you with training videos that cover the core topics. These videos will help you revise and reinforce the foundations of trading.

Friday Webcasts

Every Friday from 12 to 1pm (AEST) a trainer will run a live trading webcast. The session is recorded if you can’t attend.

The webcast is a combination approach of both patriarchal and theoretical learning. During the webcast the trainer will run through the market looking for trades using the trading rules you have been taught. They will also revise some of the core topics, reinforcing how to apply them correctly in the live market.

The consistent reinforcement from your mentor, the webcast on Friday, and the training videos should mean that following the two day workshop your are:

  • Gaining experience
  • Developing the right habits
  • Setting the right foundations
  • Fast tracking your progress

Course Content

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